Ипотека онлайн
Что такое ипотека? Несколько десятков лет назад ипотека стала для жителей нашего государства привычной. Все больше людей приобретали жилье в собст...
White Academia is looking for the next thing to say, when it should be listening
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank Dr. Katja Dunajeva for supporting the idea of a joint panel at the 2018 GLS conference as well as Dr. Violeta Vajda for her continued support and encouragement to pursue this paper as well as other pursuits in fighting discriminati...
International Holocaust Remembrance Day: EU must tackle contemporary Antisemitism and Antigypsyism
On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is worth reflecting about the significance of this event for our present and our future. Indeed, why is it important to not let a year go by – even a difficult year like this one – without remembering such horrific ...


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