• Young Roma voted as a Czech Personality of 2013
    Ivanka Mariposa Conkova (28 ) was appointed by one of Czech independent newspapers as The Czech Personality of the Year 2013. Young Roma activist, also editor RomaReact, coming to the forefront not only of Czech but also of European Roma civil society.
  • Italy, the Roma Camps and Millions of Euro spent
    The Municipalities of Rome, Milan and Naples spent over 100 million euro for the Roma Camps. But for the EU is not enough. 42 Million of euro for the Roma Camps. This is the amount of money that the Municipality of Rome spent in 3 years in order to maintain the Roma settlements with about 7.000 Roma that are living in the city of Rome. If we also count the amounts spent by the Municipalities of Milan and Naples we arrive to 100 millio
  • 2013: One Year of Activism
    RomaReact team celebrate the end of the year providing you with a panorama of the best five initiatives Roma activists made during the year 2013. The key words are Roma Inclusion, Roma participation, fighting anti-gypsyism, racism and discrimination. We want to show what the Roma Movement is doing across Europe, and encourage other people to take action for the 2014
    The Holocaust (Shoah, Khurbn, Porrajmos) was a massive program of genocide. Just two peoples, Jews and Romanies, were singled out for obliteration. Just two peoples, Jews and Romanies, were singled out for what they were born. Just two peoples, Jews and Romanies, were singled out as targets of a Final Solution, and by 1945 both had lost approximately the same percentage of their total number in Nazi-occupied Europe.

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Should Canada welcome Roma from Europe?
   YES as Europe cannot handle the discrimination Roma face.
   NO because their governments should sort them out.